The Rockefeller Clinical Scholars Program

The Rockefeller University is currently recruiting for the July 2019 class of the Clinical Scholars program, which is designed to provide an ideal educational experience for physician scientists interested in a career in patient-oriented translational research. It is a 3-year Master’s degree program funded by the CTSA and a Rockefeller University endowment. Most applicants have completed fellowship training, but in select cases, individuals may be considered after residency.
Oct 15 / 2018

The Opioid Chapters: Chapter 1 - Benjamin

Benjamin was first prescribed opioids to manage dental pain. He has tried to stop taking them several times, but finds he needs them to cope with his experiences of childhood mental illness and trauma.
Oct 10 / 2018

TR Talks - 2018 Fall Series

As part of the graduate seminar, MSC 1000: Fundamentals of Translational Research, the discussion series is hosted by Faculty of Medicine’s Translational Research Program (TRP) and the five collaborating Departments participating in the development of the Toronto Translational HUB (Department of Psychiatry, Medicine, Imaging, Surgery and Paediatrics).
Oct 9 / 2018

Postdoctoral Fellowships with Mitacs Accelerate

Reintroducing Mitacs Accelerate Mitacs Accelerate has supported research collaborations between academia and industry since 2004.   
Oct 4 / 2018
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