Up to 30 Per Cent of Medical Care Canadians Receive is Unnecessary: Report

Republished from the Globe and Mail Canadians undergo more than a million medical tests and treatments every year that they may not need, according to a new report that reveals big variations in the ordering of some procedures. The study puts a spotlight on unnecessary medical care that ranges from MRI scans for run-of-the-mill back pain to preoperative tests for low-risk colonoscopy patients and the over-prescribing of some drugs for seniors and children.
Apr 6 / 2017

Ontario Clinicians Deliver Quality Care by Reducing Unnecessary Care: New Report

When it comes to medical tests and procedures, less can sometimes be better. According to a new report released this week, Ontario health care providers are successfully working to provide and improve quality care by reducing unnecessary care to patients across Ontario.
Apr 6 / 2017

Doctors' Notes: New Research Aims to Curb Diabetes Complications

Eating too many sweets will cause changes to bacteria that live in the gut and can lead to inflammation. (Dreamstime)
Apr 4 / 2017
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